Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another UKC Agility trial

A club from Illinois rented the WWCDTC building and held a UKC agility show there today. I had Bell entered in trial one, level 1. She needed that leg to earn her UAG1 title, and also to advance to the next level. And she did it! She had a great run and did the teeter well.

I then had her entered in Trial 2 level 1 & 2 and she was going for points! She had to run fairly clean to get any points. She could not have ANY redo's. Well in level 2 she had 3 redo's so no points there. In level 1 she got a perfect score of 200 and 10 points! Yahoo! You need 100 points for the UACH title. So we are on our way there!

I also showed a friend of mine's golden DeeDee. She's a great dog. Her mom hurt her back so she can't run her. She runs for me and did awesome today! She earned her UAG1 title and 2 legs towards her UAG2 title! I was very proud of her too.

I was hoping to have Qwik ready for this show....but she would need to be weaving. She is doing OK in her training. I am not 100% sure why we aren't progressing. It's like sometimes she's great and others I feel we need to go back to square one. We will see. I have video'd ALL of her sessions so I will have a video up soon of what we are doing.

I really want spring now...I wanna train the dogs outside and am iching to get my a-frame up. Maybe we will get an early sping!

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