Monday, August 17, 2009

Field Success!

Qwik and Bell both earned their WCX at the Badger Golden Retriever Club test on 8-9-09! 13 were entered and 6 passed. 3 goldens, 1 curly, 1 toller and 1 flattie

The Golden Retriever WCX is a pass/fail test and you only need 1 leg. It consists of a Triple Retrieve on land with upland game. The dog cannot be restrained and you cannot say anything to them after you signal for the birds. It's mainly to test memory. You cannot handle the dog if they forget a bird. There is also a Double Retrieve in the water with ducks and it has an honor where the dog has to watch another dog retrieve after it has done the double. Again, the dog cannot be restrained and you cannot say anything to them after you have signaled for the birds...even for the Honor!!!

Bell passed with a slight bobble on land...she ALMOST switched back to an old fall after a decent hunt for the last bird....but she came through and went back to where she thought it was. There wasn't much wind to help her out. Very proud of the red dog. She was steady and listened to me and didn't whine or wimper at all! Even for her first official "test like" honor!! YAY!!!

The Curly Coated Retriever Club has a slightly easier WCX test. The curlies are supposed to run a double on land and a double on water and the dog has to be steady also. Qwik failed earlier in the year at the Curly Coat National in St. Louis by not getting wet on the water retrieves. Anyways, when Qwik passed the Golden test...since it was harder than the Curly test she earned the title through the curly club!! Send in a form and it's official!

Even though the Curly beast was NAUGHTY she passed. She rolled on the two dead birds on the Land triple. I heard they used the ducks from the previous day and I doubt they were refrigerated or properly stored to prevent them from rotting. I was ticked!!! She hasn't done that since she was first introduced to ducks the beginning of last year! lill snot....I did NOT need that happening. She was steady even though the "go" bird on the water double startled her. They don't use duck calls before they toss the birds. They shoot the gun then toss the bird. She stood up cause she was focused on the memory bird but didn't break. She waited till I released her. Very proud of the girl.

I also had her entered in the WC for more practice. She already has that title. But she did great on it also...only rolled on one of the birds on land....she so NAUGHTY!!!