Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahhhh HA!

So after todays dissapointment I got on that train! I have not been working on advancing Qwik in the field as far as pile work, and baseball and all that basic handling stuff. I touched it earlier this went ok...nothing real great. But I got out my bumpers and had a session of Force to pile, Remote sends, and a little bit of baseball/handling stuff. She did GREAT!!!! I had the e-collar on her and only gave her a few nicks for the FTP and she did awesome with it!!! Maybe she won't think dead birds are soo bad when I put pressure on bumpers!!!! Birds are a PEICE O CAKE DEARIE!!!!! I hope to continue working advancing her and maybe I will have 2 dogs to title in Senior next year! hehe.

Hopefully this works....Making training kinda tough and blah with plain bumpers...then in the field, retrieving nice feathered birds without the pressure should be a heck of alot more fun and easy!!! I am debating starting her on Doubles or not.....I don't wanna put too much on the girl. She is marking great in training and did great marks today. So maybe it is time to step her up!

Miss Bell did great tonight too! I am trying to teach her some more advance handling things. I should be able to send her 180 degrees either direction on "GO!" and the hand that is up should turn her that direction. Then also a 90 degree "OUT" to the side I motion. I thought this would be enough and then Kyle said to teach her Angle backs which is between those two "GO" and "OUT" casts she already knows! It has been a struggle!!! I have been working on it almost every night for the past 2 weeks and I think finally she is getting it!!!!! I set her up in a new field and showed her where all the piles of bumpers were and she took perdy much every cast! Good Girl! I have a bunch more things I gotta teach her yet....but I am happy with the direction we are goin!


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