Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WWCDTC Agility Trial!

So 4th of July weekend was the dog club I belong to's Agility Trial! I am in charge of awards. So I have to order Ribbons, Toys and other odds and ends stuff. I always have fun sitting behind the ribbon table and hanging out in the A/C. I would NOT want to work outside all those days. Way to friggin hot!.

Me and the girls + 1(Casey) Had a fairly good weekend!!!

Miss Bell being the little perfect girl she is had a PERFECT weekend!
She earned:
2 Open Std Legs and her OA title, 2, 1st places
3 MXJ Legs....1 more to go!!! 3, 4th places
2 Novice Fast legs, 2, 1st places

She did 4 teeters total and did well on them! Not crazy super syco fly offish like she does in training. But they were confident and non spooky! YAY for her! I don't know if I will trial her to get her MX......Cause each teeter is SOOOO different and I need to do LOTS of generalizing before I even attempt it. But we will see.

Qwik did alright. She had a few moments that showed the true debth of her training....it's fairly shallow......But she did manage to Q a few times.
She earned
2 Novice Fast Legs
2 Novice Standard Legs & her NA
1 Novice Jumpers Leg

I had some troubles with focus and drive. She sometimes was super excited and crazy...then others she was flat and sniffy. I definatly need to do some more training with the girl to get her agility education goin. Obedience and Field are a priority now.

Miss Casey did well also. She had her typical stress issues. But by the end of Sunday she was feeling good! She ran really nice and was happy.

She earned
1 Novice Fast Leg
2 Novice Std Legs
1 Novice JWW leg

I hopefully will be able to steal her again soon to finish off her NA and NAJ. She needs one more leg for each.

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