Sunday, July 26, 2009

1st Hunt test of the season

Miss Qwik was entered in Junior today. It was a close test, just in Horicon about 15 mintues away. Land was first. She ran a PERFECT 1st mark. She had good manners going from the blind to the line, she listend to me for lining up and was all amped looking towards the first bird station! The flyer landed nice and when the judges released me to send her she was straining at her collar...a GREAT sign! If she is just sitting there, ho hum, I don't know what I will get! But she RACED out to the bird and immediatly picked it up and flew back to me with it. It honestly was her best retrieve she has given me in a long time. The bird was still semi alive and she didn't play with it or kill it. She did PHENOMONAL!!!!

I lined her up for the second bird and she again was straining at her collar to go and drove out there awesome. She found the bird after sniffin around for a few seconds and then left it lay there.....................

I WAS SHOCKED!!! HELLO DOG! you just did a PERFECT mark then you just leave this one lay! I coulda KILLED HER! I had the gunner help her out and toss the bird in the air and then she brought it to me. But we failed when I had someone help. What we all thought was the flyer was SOOOO super exciting and this bird was dead, dead. It wasn't nasty at all. Some of the birds at tests can be gross like sitting around all weekend and in and out of the water and have maggots. This one was just like the flyer, fresh and soft and fully feathered. I was SOOOO Super bummed. I have been looking forward to this for a while. We have been training hard too!

I have 2 weekends off till her next test and then we will be testing every weekend. I really really really REALLY want her JH this year. Like I SOOOOO want it bad. There are only 5 more tests I can make it to, that are close(4 hours). I might have her work a lill bit with my trainer to see if he could take her to a test, if I can't. But I don't know if she will run for anyone else. But what can it hurt? The more chances she has to title the better. We will see and I will keep you posted!

Miss Bell stayed at home and chilled. I have been working hard at handling drills with her. She is getting better and understanding what I want...I think......I hope to enter her in her first Senior test on the 15th. I don't know if she will be 100% ready. But she is close!

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