Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After Easter...

So Easter Sunday I had signed up for a show in Amherst Jct. About 2 hours North. I really didn't want to go.....I have the Curly National next week and had traveled 2 hours away ish the last 2 weekends and was kinda pooped out on dog shows. But I went anyways......

Bell was entered in Utility B and Open B. We started off showing in Open and I was VERY pleased with how she worked! Her heeling was great and I was able to relax cause she was acctually following me and taking my cues(she acctually got NO deductions in heeling!) I was VERY happy with her run! I thought maybe just maybe she would be in the placements. But ya never know. Being Easter I didn't think many people would be at the shows but there was some stiff competition! She ended up in a 4 way runoff for 3rd place! YEE HAW! So the four of us ran off and then he called me, and another person back and we ran off again! Yahoo!!! We ended up with 4th place just out of the OTCh points. But I was so excited she was at least up there with all of them! She has really been struggling!

She had a great run in Utility and was working very nicely also. Except she didn't sit on one of the directed jumping sits. Thats a -3 deduction and we had a 194. The first place dog had a 198 1/2 SO she was close too! I was very happy with that. But she earned her 21st UDX leg by qualifying in both classes.

Miss Qwik was entered in Novice Rally. Her FIRST time! I was running from ring to ring and when I got out of the Open ring for ribbons they were calling me for Rally. So I had to race to the car, drag her out and warm her up on the way to the ring. SO NOT, what I had wanted to do. She was a bit distracted by everything cause I wasn't able to get her focused like I need. But she got a 99 out of 100 and placed First! Hurrah for the Beans! I have her entered this weekend at Fond Du Lac and also at the Specialty. So she hopefully will earn her title at the Specialty.

They are such hams.

Then we drove the 2 hours BACK home and went to my Aunt Charlotte's in Neosho. I made it in time for a drink then Dinner then CAKE! We had a good time with GREAT food.

Haley Hannah and Jessica hunting for eggs

Tryistan checking out his eggs

Hmmmm....Cake with a Cheese cake layer!!! Charlotte turned 60 on Monday.

Charlotte and My mom cuttin the cake.

My only Grandparent. Rita my Moms Mom. She will be 90 in May!

One of the surviving baby bunnies. Drake(my cousin Bens Dog) got into a nest of bunnies. We said he killed the Easter Bunny!! Poor kids will be traumatized!

Today I took my car into Just the Details to get cleaned out! Ginger and Brandon got me a gift certificate for Christmas a few years ago and I am finally taking advantage of it! Now I gotta try to keep it clean. It was SOOOO gross. The dogs really sow things up in there.

Ohh and a quick pigeon update. So I had 10 eggs. Well now I am down to 5. The bird that had the 2 babies hatch had 2 other good eggs in with her. One pair cannot raise 4 babies. It's too hard and they will all die. So I took away the "lesbians" unfertile eggs and gave them the 2 good eggs. One was already hatching and it ended up dying in the process. But the other one is now hatching. Hopefully it will live!

The other couple has 2 eggs and I candled them and they look good and hopefully will hatch in a week or so. The 2 hatched babies have already doubled in size. Still not so cute though!

Bell says that's ALL for now!

Can we go swimming?

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