Sunday, April 19, 2009

We leave tomorrow!!!!

I am SUPER excited to leave...well acctually ARRIVE at Eureka MO tomorrow! I am about halfway through packing...irritating. I dono how it all is gonna fit into my car! I have a topper on the the Exterra with all the crates and heavy big stuff. All the dog stuff is ready...I just gotta get MY stuff together.

But the girls showed today in Fond Du Lac. Bell in Open B and Utility B and Qwik in Novice Rally. Bell Q'd in Open with a horrid score. I didnt hear the judge clearly when he called a halt...I did an about turn. Hes a dork and was like halfway across the ring. He was right on top of you for the retrieves to see if the dogs would anticipate his command. I will definatly mark that down NOT to show to him if I can help it.

Miss Qwik did a GREAT job in Rally and Q'd with a 97 out of 100. Her heeling was great and she was focused. She just kinda bumped me alot. I dont mind that!!! I was very happy with the beast.

Well OFF to pack some more. Leaving tomorrow at before noon hopefully.

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