Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A great Tuesday!

So today has and still is VERY busy! I started off at 8am with a Chiro appt for me. Man was I overdue!!! I feel so much better. Good dealieo!!! Then I was off to the vet for the girls. Dr Sue is awesome and listened to me and talked with me and explained things to me. LOVE IT! Bell had a buncha stuff I had her look at. One that worried me was a small lump behind her shoulder blade that she has had for a while but it is hard to find and I thought it had gone away. Well I finally found it and had her aspirate it and it was just a fatty lump. I sure will be keeping my eyes on it! I had her double-check Qwiks back legs as she was lame last year for a while. We thought it was a partical cruciat tear but shes fine and crazy now!!! $353.00 later I made a quick stop at the Coffee Trader....BEST MOCAH LATTES EVER!!!! LOVE it!

Then I was off the the club to train before Bells Chiro Appt in Watertown. I got some agility equipment out and set it up in the yard at the club. I ran Qwik through the weaves and did some jumping and making sure she is committed to the jump. She is one to peel off or go around if I am not like RIGHT THERE with her. She did good and I think we accomplished something! She was great doing agility outside too! SCORE! She will be at the National doing agility in 2 weeks!!! YIKES!

Then off to Bells Chiro Appt. She has been pacing alot in her heeling and jumping bad in agility. Miss Qwik likes to bounce off of her and Bell is hard on herself too. I have been trying to find a place to take her but everything is either too far away or the days don't work for me. So this all worked out great and she trotted out of the office!

Then us girls went BACK to the club to work on the agility stuff I set out. I worked on lead outs and double jumps with Qwik and I worked on heeling and go outs and the broad jump with Bell. I was impressed with Bells attidue and heeling! We have been struggling! I just hope the pacing isn't a habit. We will see this weekend! I am entered at Camp Bandy in Amherst Junction with Bell in Open and Utility and Qwik in her Novice Rally Debut! I am very excited. If Qwik Q's here and next weekend and then at the specialty she will earn her RN title! I can't wait!

When I put all the agility equipment away I set out some bumpers and dokkens and a pheasant and duck and worked Qwik on some basic retrieving stuff. She has been a lill shit retrieving birds at Kyles. She marks well and races out there awesome....but dawdles picking up the bird. It drives me NUTS! I need to do that some more before the specialty. Hopefully this will help.

Then we came home and checked on the birds. Qwik likes to go crazy in the sand...sigh....when will she grow up! Bell is barking at the birds in the background.

Qwik looking in at the pigeons. I tried to get a picture of Bell looking in when I was in the coup, but it didn't work out.

The Red Check Male sittin on the 4 eggs.

GET AWAY FROM MY EGGS!!!! She sure is feisty!

The Blue Bar girl sitting on her 4 eggs. I think this nest is owned by lesbians....cause both of the birds that sit on this nest look girlish......And I never really saw them flirting or whatever. And usually one bird only lays 2 eggs. Lesbian birds...hehe

I locked all but the 2 still sitting on eggs outside to get a picture of them.

The one on the far left side on top is the baby that lived. The blue bar baby didnt make it. I got some supplemts to put in their water and I think it cleared up any of the bugs the rest of the birds might have.

Then I took Qwik alone for a romp n swim. She had a blast! I need to do the whole separte thing more often. Then she was tired.

I will hopefully have some more video tomorrow. We will see!

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