Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday pigeon & weekend update.

So I showed Saturday and Sunday at Greater Racine Kennel club. Bell did alright. Her heeling is really really really terrible lately. She paces and just really gives NO effort. She can do it though! My handling is really really really lacking also. I need to get back on the obedience horse and get working on both of us!!! She Q'd in Open on Saturday with a 197. Not to shabby. On Sunday she Q'd in Utility with a extra heel command so the score is not worthy of being shown here :) But one thing that is going well is her fronts and finishes! I am trying somthing new. I ask her to front and if she is strait the first time she gets a reward. If she is crooked I say an unemotional NO and encourage her to try again untill she gets it correct. Then I praise her and set her up the exact same way and only reward if she is correct the first time. Well she is a fronting fool! I am SOOO pleased with how she is understanding it! Usually I just had her try again and then rewarded her where I wanted her to be. But this way is working SOOO much better. Her finishes are great too. Sometimes she is a little behind me. But we are working on that. Everything else she is doing super at! But Heeling we are on two different planets. Yvonne helped me out a ton on Saturday and we met today again and worked too. I have LOTS to work on and am seeing some good success already. HOPEFULLY it keeps going in that direction. I am entered the second weekend in April at Fond Du Lac in Obedience so I have some time to work on it.

I have off this weekend for an Agility show in Libertyville Illinois. Qwik and Bell are entered. Qwik is entered in some "big girl" classes and it will be interesting to see how she does! I am sooo excited to begin showing that lill curly dog! I just booked my hotel and sent in my entries for the Curly-Coat National Specialty the end of April! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! She is doing so well in her training and I am polishing everything up! I just hope the weather coperates with me since everything is going to be outdoors we have to be able to train outside! Ohhh well.

My pigeon babies are doing OK. the Darker one is fine but the lighter is a lill sick today. I am gonna buy some antibiotics you put in their water. Hopefully that will help it out. The parents of the babies just laid 2 more eggs in the new side by side condo by dad put up. And the dark couple finally laid an egg too. I dono how good of parents they will be though.....we will see!! I would get some more pictures of them but its raining out and I dont wanna go outside again!!!

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