Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Could the baby pigeons have gotten uglier????

YIKES! Glad human babies don't get uglier with age! YIKES!

It looks to me that they are doing well though! Wouldn't you say? I ordered some Bands from FOY's pigeon supplies. That way I can mark the pairs so I don't split up the happy couples. I also want to mark the babies. Hopefully I will be able to turn them loose and they will come back to the coup. Or if they escape while training they will return home. Me and my dad are hoping to do some remodeling of the coup soon. Giving them a bigger oustide area to chill and some more bigger next boxes that are easier to clean. Hopefully if I have more boxes the others will pair up. I ordered some paper mache nest bowls so I won't have to have straw in there to make more of a mess.

This past Sunday I had a private lesson for Agility with a friend of a friend. I worked both girls in the indoor horse arena. They both did good and I learned some new things and saw some spots that I need to work on! I had a really good time and got some GREAT ideas to train! Qwik did better than I thought she would in the new place. She was a bit distracted but still worked nice. Bell had a hard time with the barn cats....she likes to chase cats and it was a tough distraction for her. But did well otherwise.

We start field training today with Kyle from Chesapeake Waters. The girls are WAY excited. Its kinda cruddy out rain and fog.....but they like to get down and dirty.

I took the girls swimming at my old bosses new place in Oconomowoc. The girls just LOVE the pool. I have some video I want to make a montage of once I have a few hours to waste. I really should get a laptop for when I am sittin around at shows!!

Bell has an Obedience show on Sunday in Madison. I dono how we will do. She is just stressin! I use lots of food and toys and rewards. But she still kinda goes "over the edge" with stress! Hopefully once we get back into the swing of things in the ring we will get our rythem back. I have off next week Saturday for an Obedince show in Racine. We will see how she does!

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