Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Tuesday Pigeon update!

Well since I kinda have been updating my pigeon status on Tuesdays I thought I would continue for a little bit! My dad put a side by side nest box up and it's cool! Hopefully more birds will pair up. I only have the 2 pairs still. But the pair that already has the babies is already nesting in the new box. I bet they will lay some more eggs soon! Here are the updated pictures from today. They are growing so fast!

This is the "Blue Bar" Notice the bands on it's wings.

This one is the "Blue Check" The wings will have checks on them sorta.

I hadn't really noticed they are two different color patterns. I cleaned out the coup today and watched them for a bit. The dark blue checker pair really are flirting and guarding the top nest box. Hopefully they will lay some eggs soon!

Last night we hosted a Wild Tree Party with Ginger. She works for Wild Tree as a on-the-side-job and did a great job! Lots of good food and company! It was nice for my Moms birthday n all.

Today me n the girls started out with field training at 8am...yawn...too early for me! Both girls went wild when we pulled into the drive way. They were eyein up the pond when we went past it. Its almost totally thawed. Kyle won't do any water marks untill the water is warm. So it will be awhile for that. Both girls did GREAT! Qwik only had one little bobble. On her way back to me on her second retrieve she just HAD to check out the water!!

"It's thawed!!! We SOOOO could be doing water work!! Please mom!!!" she said!

But otherwise I was VERY happy with how Qwik did. She gets cocky when she brings the bumper back...she will bring it right to me and let go if I ask her too. But if I don't she shakes it and like stands there all proud like "Yeah! Whos the bitch!" She always makes me laugh. Nerd...

Bell did great and only had a little trouble with a really long mark. But otherwise she is steadying up nicely and I barely have to hold her anymore. She also got some honor work in and is starting to keep her mouth shut instead of whining. She has to get back into shape! She was huffin and puffin towards the end!

Here are some pictures from outside today after training. They LOVE to be outside.

Qwik being the cocky bitch she is....

Bells almost got it!

Qwik trying to steal from Bell.

HMMmmmmmm Could this be open thawed water?



Bell's looking at her out of the corner of her eye...your such a dork, look at your tongue.

The Turkey.

The Beans.

I got 2 days of obedience this weekend at Racine Kennel Club. Should be fun!!!

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