Monday, March 2, 2009

Lotsa learning and a new obedience title!

I attended a 3 day dog training seminar last week Thursday-Saturday. It was put on by my old boss Katie. She owns She had Susan Garrett come down from Cadada and put on several seminars. I went to the Advances in Dog Training on Thursday and Friday. Friday night was a weave pole seminar and Saturday was a jumping drill day. Fun Fun Fun. I have LOTS to work on and I started tonight at work. I got lots to do before the Curly National Specialty the end of April!!! Qwik won't know what hit her!

On Sunday I entered Bell at an obedience show held at State Fair Park in Milwaukee. She did OK and Qualifyed in both Utility and Open. By Qualifying in both classes on the same day she earned her 20th UDX leg, giving her a new title!! UDX2 She did kinda crappy in Utility. Her heeling sucked like usual. She stresses in Utility and just goes in this autopilot In Open she did really well. But everyone else did well too. No Placements but I'll take the Q's!!!

I am fighting cold...hopefully it wont last!

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