Sunday, February 22, 2009

NADAC Games trial.

Me n the girls had an early morning. (YAWN!!!) We left at 6am for Madison, Mad City Dog Training Club. It was just a Games trial meaning they had all the fun stuff;

Tunnelers: A course made up of just tunnels. The dogs LOVE this game. They get to run really fast and it's fun to try to keep up and keep them on track!

Touch and Go: A course made up of an A-Frame, Dog Walk and tunnels. It's just like tunnelers but with the contacts in the way. The dogs have to be keen to your direction since they make it tough by putting the contacts right next to the tunnels. And tunnels are hard to resist!

Hoopers: This is a new class made up of hoops that the dog goes through. There is no height to it. You have to plan a strategy similar to Snooker in USDAA. Makes the handler think but the hoops are SOO simple for the dog to do.

To start we had Touch and Go. Qwik was up first being in Novice. Her first run she Qualified and had the fastest Novice time of ALL the heights! She did an awesome job taking direction from me. We need to work on rear crosses but she did good. She got first place and her first TnG Q! Yeah for her. Bell was up next and was a sassy pants for her contacts. We have been working on them in training and I need to be consistent across the board for her....So she didn't hold her front feet off and back feet on like I asked her to so we stopped and I had her repeat the A frame, and then she did what I asked. Then on the dogwalk she stopped with all 4 in the yellow....I waited and asked her to "touch" again and she did, and then we went on, and had to do the A-frame one more time....she went ALL the way to the bottom and put her front feet off and kept her back feet on . Hopefully I can continue to be consistent for both the girls sake in the future!

The Second round of Touch and Go I was a crappy handler for Qwik and she NQ' fault of her own. Bell did AWESOME and finished her TN-E aka Elite Touch n GO. YEAH! The first "training" run paid off and she did what she should do on her contacts.

Next came Tunnelers. Both girls FAVORITE CLASS EVER!!!! They Q'd all 4 runs. Me and Qwik had some mis-directions...but we able to save the runs. Qwik finished her NOVICE TUNNELERS title, and Bell finished her ELITE TUNNELERS title. Fun Fun Fun Fun! I just love the enthusiasm for it. Both girls like to watch the dog ahead of them run and they bark or strain at the end of the leash.

Hoopers was next. We again Q'd all 4 runs. Qwik was a lill shit and could not stay focused. I think she needs something more to do....the hoops were small and not really attention getting so she had to be called back all the time.....not what I wanted but OK. Bell had an AWESOME second run with a time of 16 seconds......She placed first, the second place dog was at 30 seconds! She SMOKED it!!!

I will get our video'd runs up soon. My computer programs are acting up so I have to figure out something new. Soon soon.

Busy week coming up. Work Mon-Wed and Training Seminar Thurs-Sat. Sunday is the Wisconsin Kennel Club show at State fair park. Should be an EXHAUSTING week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another UKC Agility trial

A club from Illinois rented the WWCDTC building and held a UKC agility show there today. I had Bell entered in trial one, level 1. She needed that leg to earn her UAG1 title, and also to advance to the next level. And she did it! She had a great run and did the teeter well.

I then had her entered in Trial 2 level 1 & 2 and she was going for points! She had to run fairly clean to get any points. She could not have ANY redo's. Well in level 2 she had 3 redo's so no points there. In level 1 she got a perfect score of 200 and 10 points! Yahoo! You need 100 points for the UACH title. So we are on our way there!

I also showed a friend of mine's golden DeeDee. She's a great dog. Her mom hurt her back so she can't run her. She runs for me and did awesome today! She earned her UAG1 title and 2 legs towards her UAG2 title! I was very proud of her too.

I was hoping to have Qwik ready for this show....but she would need to be weaving. She is doing OK in her training. I am not 100% sure why we aren't progressing. It's like sometimes she's great and others I feel we need to go back to square one. We will see. I have video'd ALL of her sessions so I will have a video up soon of what we are doing.

I really want spring now...I wanna train the dogs outside and am iching to get my a-frame up. Maybe we will get an early sping!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pheasant Fest

I took Qwik and Diesel to Pheasant Fest in Madison yesterday. It was a HUGE event! We sat in the Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America booth doing some breed education! D and Qwik were GREAT breed ambassadors. They were holding brocures and letting everyone pet and rub them. Diesel almost fell off the table a buncha times leaning against people.

We got lots of questions like. "Are these Labradoodles?", "Do they shed?" What kinda mix is this?" "Is this a curly lab?" "Did you curl their hair?" "Did you shave their faces?" "Do you have to trim their hair?" It was LOTS of fun! I got to talk to some curly people about the specialty and am getting excited for it.....its the end of April but I can't wait!

It was SOOO funny too I was sitting in the booth and Kyle my Field Trainer walked by. Him and his wife were sitting in the booth behind us and I didn't even know it! I was bugging him to start training soon! I gotta get the girls goin! Qwik has lots of stuff to get training on this year. Especially before the speciality in April!

All the snow is melting and its yucky out. Hopefully we will get the inch of snow on Thursday to cover up all this yuckyness!