Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving Forward!

So today I was entered in an Obedience show held at the dog club we train at. I was looking forward to it cause Bell has been working really really nicely lately and seems to be getting what I want as far as Obedience goes. Miss Qwik was entered in Rally and would earn her title if she Q'd.

So Bell ended up with a Second in Open earning her 2 points. Then she got 3rd in Utility for another point!!! And she also earned HIGH COMBINED!!!! I was SOOOO Thrilled! 3 more points is awesome!!!! She now is up to 42 points. She needs 100 total. YAY for Bell!

Miss Qwik earned a 96 out of 100 to finish off her Rally Advanced Title! She did well and I kinda screwed her up. On one of the signs she was supposed to sit then pivot 90 degrees and then sit again. Well I didn't let her sit all the way down on the second one and we got knocked for it. So my fault. But I was happy with how she worked!

I have not next weekend off but the following 2 weekends I have off Saturday and Sunday and am entered in Obedience both weekends. One of them is held at the club I train at so cross your fingers! Qwik is entered in the higher up level of Rally and Regular NOVICE obedience! EEK!!! PRAY FOR US!!!

As far as other training goes....Both girls are doing good in field! I am having issues with both of them cheating water or Qwik sometimes decides not to go in. I don't get it. They LOVE water! I mean seriously. They would prefer to swim than eat I think! I just think they see it as slowing them down or that there is a faster way. I dono how to get through to them that they need to get their girlie butts wet!!!
Bell is rockin in her Blind work. Kyle my trainer just moved us up again to work on some harder stuff. EEK!!! I am nervous I am gonna do something wrong. But Bell is cruzin right on through!!! Qwik is coming along and is really getting the hang of it all. Sometimes she does some weird stuff like blinking birds or just being totally stressy and sniffing or eating grass. Shes a tough nut to crack! I just need to figure her out. But hopefully we will be able to get to some tests before fall!

Agility is kinda on hold....I just don't have enough time to work Obedience, Field and Agility. I have some equipment set up down by the pond and I train the girls on Thursdays at the club on the equipment. But I just don't have the time!!! I have them entered at our clubs trial in July. We will see. Once Field season winds down and if Bell continues to do well in Obedience she might be done with that...And I dono if I am going to continue to show Qwik in Novice to get some experience or if I am gonna move to Open work to make it more fun. Decisions Decisions!!