Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well we survived another year. HURRAH! It's been a great year with lots of excitement and success! Here is a quick recap of titles earned and acheivements!

1-6-08 Bell finishes her AKC UTILITY DOG EXCELLENT or UDX.

2-23-08 Bell earns her first AKC HIGH IN TRIAL and HIGH COMBINED!!!

3-23-08 Bell earns her NADAC ELITE WEAVERS title and OPEN TOUCH AND GO
Qwik made her NADAC debut here and earned her first TUNNLERS leg!

5-24-08 Bell earns her NADAC OPEN CHANCES title

6-21-08 Bell earns another AKC HIGH COMBINED!

6-28-08 Qwik finishes her AKC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! HURRAH HURRAH!!!!

7-20-08 Bell earns her NADAC ELITE CHANCES title

7-26-08 Bell earns her AKC JUNIOR HUNTER title

8-10-08 Bell earns her GRCA, Working Certificate or WC
Qwik runs with the poodle club and earns her Working Certificate with the CCRCA

9-21-08 Bell earns her UKC STARTED HUNTING RETRIEVER Title

9-28-08 Bell plays with the curlies and passes the UPLAND WORKING CERTIFICATE
Qwik also passes the Upland test with FLYING Colors and earns her UWC

Bell needs one more UDX leg for her UDX2 and Qwik needs one more leg for her UKC Started Title!

I was very happy with both girls. I also made some big strides with Qwik in training and Bell is learning the next level of Field work!

So here are my titleage goals for 2009!

for Bell:
Be ready to enter an AKC Senior Hunter test
Enter a UKC Seasoned test
Finish her NADAC NATCH
Get closer to finishing her AKC OTCH
Finish her AKC MXJ
Earn her GRCA WCX

for Qwik:
Earn her CD and CDX
Earn her AKC Junior Hunter title and be ready to enter a Senior Hunter Test
Finish all AKC and NADAC Novice Agility titles
Finish her UKC Started Hunter title and enter a Seasoned test
Earn her CCRCA WCX
Break 20 feet for Dock jumping!

I hope I can find the time for it all!

And for other goals for 2009...
Talk more walks at the park and at home with the dogs
Keep in better contact with friends and family...hence this blog!

-Aubrey n the girls!

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