Friday, January 30, 2009

Obedience Training...

I took Bell and Qwik to K9 OTC tonight to get out and train some obedience! Bell did her usual happy stuff and had fun. I got to jackpot her heeling with some raw meat and she perked back up! She can get sloppy and disconnected while we do heeling. I need to train that more! I am gonna give this OTCH a try and work hard to get her sharp and precise.....its kinda boring training but we have fun. I learned ALOT from Bell about training things right the first time! But I have Bell entered in 5 trials. I will see how she does in them and if I can get her competitive or not in order to continue on the OTCH journey!

But what I was MOST pleased with was QWIK! I stuck her in novice just hoping to do some fun stuff with her in the ring and play around on sits and downs. She has a distraction problem in training and I have a hard time keeping her focused while heeling. Well she blew me away! She had some moments of disconnection from me but came right back and worked hard! She wasn't phased at ALL by the distraction of being in a new place she had NEVER been in before! She did GREAT on sits and downs and I got lots of compliments on her! Most had never seen a curly before so they thought she was cool anyways......she is :) One compliment I got that was way cool, was this nice lady I had never met before. She asked me how many dogs I had trained before. I said Qwik was my second and she didn't beleive me! She thought I was on #5 or #6 the way the curly dog behaved! I will SOOO take that compliment and stash it away for a rainy day!

So yeah I was happy with the girls! I have been semi lazy in training but I can't waste money on showing if my dogs aren't ready. It's just too darn expensive!!!

Till later!

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