Sunday, September 6, 2009

Madison AKC Hunt test.

SO! Miss Qwik had 1 leg towards her JH and I really really really...I mean REALLY want that title this year. I was doing a bit too much Obedience during field season and she wasn't ready to run untill a few months ago....and now I am running out of tests!!!! It sucks! I wish field would go year round....except the water gets a lill cold.

ANYWAYS! I asked Kyle, the field trainer I see, if he would consider handling Qwik at a test for me since I am all booked up with grooming dogs on Saturdays I can't get off any more. He said yeah. So I have been working her and training her hard and she was SMOKIN at training class! I droped her off at Kyles on Tuesday so he could work with her all week and run her Saturday at the test. It was hard not having the naughty lill curly girl here causing trouble. But I got through it and so did she!

I was SOOOO nervous on Saturday and had a friend call me when she ran. She was there watching her son (Toby the black lab) run in Juniors with his dad. (Toby passed and titled too BTW!) Anyways....she gave me the play by play, and she never makes things easy and cut and dry..dork. Land was first and started with the live shot flyer...which she found and then rolled on. She brought it back fine and then the dead bird was next...she found that one and then took a poop! After she was finished she brought it back and passed land. On water the live shot flyer landed on land so she had to roll on it. The other bird she found good and brought back nice. So she earned another leg to her JH. HALFWAY THERE!!!!!!!!!! I told Kyle he has to shave to get his picture taken with Qwik so I will get them up next week. :)

Sunday I ran Bell in Senior and Qwik in Junior.

Bell was up first in senior and FRIGGIN SMOKED her Double. I mean she ran the BEST marks of ALL the dogs I saw run. She ran strait out to them and did a U turn and brought them back. PERFECT! The land blind was next and was LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. About a 100+ yarder. It would be tough! Bell had a hard time lookin out to it cause it was next to the flyer station. But she eventually did and then took a nice line out there. I casted her a few times and she took my casts and scalloped a little bit...but then I gave her a nice strait back cast and she took it BEAUTIFUL! It carried her strait out to the blind and then she curved a little to the left of it. I sat her and then told her to go strait out to right and she turned left and put her ear plugs in.....she ran around and hunted and fartsed around and just was naughty. SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO close!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I was happy with what she did. I know we need more work on that. So what she did was great for the training she has had. It was too bad cause her Marks were FLIPPIN ALWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then onto Qwik.
I was nervous cause the land series was almost identical to a test we ran there last year that Qwik failed..... But the dead bird was first. She ran out and brought it back nicely. Then the flyer....She ran out through all the decoys and then stuck her nose to the ground and sniffed for a bit...then she peed....then she sniffed some more.....Then she remembered she was out there for a reason and she got her bird and brought it back.

Can't it just be easy!!!!

Water was next. Dead bird first, the dogs had to go through some marshy grass and then into the water, the bird landed in some marshy grass. I sent Qwik out for it and she went to the edge of the grass before the swimming water started and proceded to make a fool of herself by playing around in the grass, she sniffed some stuff, blew some bubbles, tried to roll, chased a frog, then she remembered there was a bird....and she swam out and got it. I was kinda ticked at her for being so naughty! But I didn't want to yell at her or tell her to do stuff cause she prolly wouldn't. The Flyer was last and was a LONG swim. She went out halfway and then kinda swam back and forth in the water till she stumbled upon it. The judges didn't really say anything when we left.

I waited around for ribbons figuring she would pass cause she did get 4 birds and her land was nice and her second water mark was OK. When they passed her number up I was shocked. I have NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER seen them fail a dog who picked up 4 birds at a junior test before. The dog would have not found the bird or not delivered to hand or chewed up the bird to fail. There was another person in the same boat as me and I was ticked. Her average had to be over a 7 and she got 6.2 and 6.6. So friggin close. It really sucked.

I am driving to Eastern Ohio for a back to back Junior test and Senior with Bell the end of September. I am gonna work the curlys butt off so she passes there. It would be SOOOOO nice to be done with Junior so we could work on some more challenging stuff. Singles are too easy for her and she makes up her own stuff! She does great with challenges as she has to focus!

ohhhhhh well..........

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Keli said...

I can't believe you didn't pass - what a rip off!