Thursday, September 10, 2009

Qwiks Ribbon Picture and more training...

So we had field training tonight. I have been on Qwiks case since the test. I am not giving an inch anymore! I am nit-picking everything. No SLACKIN! On my end of the leash or hers. All the little things she does in training translates into HUGE MAJOR issues at tests.

I am trying to be on top of Qwik and get across to her...."This is MY TIME!!!! You have 23 1/2 hours a day to be a dog...these are MY few minutes"

I hope it works.....It ain't gonna be a fun few weeks of training. But if she gets the point, it will be. I have 3 ducks in a crate waiting till a few days before we leave for Ohio to go to a Double Junior test. She needs BOTH those legs to get her JH this year. Live shot flyers really perk her up......what I do for my dogs......MAN Do ducks smell!!!!!!!!!!!

Training today went well though. I am doing some Pile work. And also some work with the E-collar. She is snappy with stuff but just not as fast with me putting the pressure on her. If she does well I make a HUGE deal and throw freebies and praise her up and just have a good time. I also am making sure she know she is released from "MY TIME" As soon as I give her a command she is on my time and when I release her she can do what she pleases!!!

So I am happy about that and will hopefully sleep better knowing I am making steps in the correct direction!!!!

I got Kyle to pose with Qwik for a picture. He was so nice to her and took good care of the curly girl during her short stay. I couldn't ask for a better person to turn to for field training.

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