Sunday, December 27, 2009


So I have been a little LAZY in updating this.....oops. My NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!!!

Anyways.....I have some Obedience results to post. Qwik and Bell were entered in 3 shows in November and December.....

November 22nd WWCDTC, Ixonia
Qwik was in Novice B. She got a 197++. She was in a 3 way tie for first place!!! All 3 of us ran off, and then she had just two of us run off again. Qwik had done that heeling pattern 4 times by then and was like....ummm....I think I got it now! Her last runoff was the best out of the 4 patterns. dorkus. But I was happy with her and that was a nice score!!!

Bell was in OpenB and UtilityB She got a 196 in Open. I was VERY pleased with her performance there. She was really trying on her fronts...finishes....not so much. In Utility she got 4th place for 1 OTCh point with a 196. We like showing at home!!!

November 29th at Badger Kennel Club, Madison

Qwik got second in Novice with a 197.5. The judge ran us into a wall...I was NOT pleased with that and Qwik wasn't all that hot. She was being kinda distracted. But she did well..

Bell got 4th in Open...I don't think she got any points though. LOTSA people failed so I think that's why she placed. She had a 197. She Failed Utility She brought back a wrong article, and then missed the come signal. She was WILD. I don't know WHOS dog I had in that ring. She was whining for directed jumping and almost barked. She was leapin up and bein a crazy girl and all. I would rather have that attitude than a slow slug. So hopefully we will find the happy medium!!!

December 3rd at Hounds for the Holidays Agility trial
I wanted to enter Sunday also but it had already filled. Qwik was in Novice Jumpers only and Q'd with a nice run! That earned her her NAJ title!

Bell Q'd in Jumpers with an AWESOME run! I was sooo super happy with her

She NQ'd in Standard for taking an off course tire jump. Her teeter and weaves were good. I didn't tell her to "touch" on the A-Frame so that was my fault.

December 13th at Oshkosh Kennel Club.
Bell failed Utility because she took a wrong jump during directed jumping. She was being wild and crazy and she would NOT look at me. She was staring at the jump. I should have waited till she looked at me....but she wouldn't, and was starting to whine cause she was being impatient. She had other small things that would have taken her out of the placings thought. But I DO like her attitude being all crazy and up. In Open she did well and I thought she would have placed. But alot of the other dogs did really well. She was trying so hard on her fronts and most of her finishes were GREAT!

Qwik got Third in Novice. She did the crappiest she had done in a while. I was kinda ticked at her. She was heeling wide and being distracted by spots on the floor. I just wanted to reach down poke her lill curly butt and tell her to do what she knows! But regardless she has a 196.5 average for Novice in 2009. WHOO HOOO!!!

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